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Cancer and chronic illness care and revalidation

As a naturopath I find it very important to be able to help everybody who comes to my practice and give them the moments of attention, relaxation, care and advice which they deserve. When one hears the news of a serious ailment it brings a lot of stress and anxiety which certainly doesn't help to reinforce your body and activate your self healing mechanism.


Touch and care massage

This massage technique is especially designed for elderly people, people with cancer or chronic diseases. The purpose of this massage is to experience deep moments of relaxation through warmth and touch which in it turn has a deep impact on your body and mind. This massage is the opportunity to give your body positive energy, nourishment, love and affection which it needs during the hard times of remission. Usually in times of illness your body needs touch in order for you to accept your new state of being.By relieving your bodily discomforts and experience loving touch you will automatically feel more relaxed and positive.

The purpose of this massage is especially to let people 'come back home' in their body and rebuild a positive relationship with your bodies.Because of the deep relaxing effect and energetic touches this massage is also beneficial for people who are in a burnout because they have to learn to get back in touch with themselves rather than linger in their minds.

Burn out recovery

Burn out is a term we more and more come to hear of. Mostly it is a build up of stress that we have suppressed. over the years and at a certain point our body gives us the signal that we cant handle it anymore and crashes. Its usually characterized by exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm. and motivation, feelings of ineffectiveness and frustration with life.

Burn out recovery happens on the one hand with food therapy and supplement intake advise and other the other hand depending case by case massages are introduced to release the bodily tensions so that the body can restore its natural postures and rhythms. A series of relaxation techniques will also be taught to integrate in your daily life.

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