Laurence offers various therapeutic massages depending on your needs. Every massage consists of a body analysis prior to beginning.

Laurence uses pure organic oils and organic essential oils with a house made blends tailored for each person.

Massages have a deep and relaxing effect on your body and mind. Massages also have great health benefits. Since many of us experience stress in our daily lives massages are just more than pampering your body, it can really help you loosen up and relax.

Usually the tense muscles manifest themselves in our neck and shoulders and are usually caused by long periods of sitting which than lead to imposture disbalances. 


Massage therapy increases and improves the blood circulation which results in a boost to our immune system. On the other hand receiving human touch and attention, in a context that is safe, friendly and professional, can have incredibly therapeutic and relaxing effects. Not only can massage encourage a restful night it also helps those who can’t otherwise comfortably rest. Massage therapy also helps you to boost your immune system.

The method Laurence uses is called DSR or Derma Segmental Reflexology which is a deep tissue massage technique that works on the skin, muscles, connective tissue and bones. It is a deep treatment of the third muscle layer. It stimulates a massive blood supply causing muscle tensions and blockages to be removed as well as toxins. This gives direct results in pain relief. It works on both the body and mind and aims to stimulate the self-healing mechanism.

Pain it is always a signal from the body that something is not functioning as it should and the body then enters a state of emergency releasing a feeling of pain or tension. Most of us react with muscles tensing up.

When stress and muscle tension get too much they reflect negatively on our organs.  At least 80% of the most common complaints that people nowadays suffer from are due to muscle tensions which in turn originates from stress in daily life.

Therefore having a deep muscle tissue massage has many benefits and works therapeutic in order to activate the body's natural healing mechanism and stimulate relaxation. 


This massage technique is especially designed for elderly people, people with cancer or chronic diseases. The purpose of this massage is to experience deep moments of relaxation through warmth and touch which in it turn has a deep impact on your body and mind. This massage is the opportunity to give your body positive energy, nourishment, love and affection which it needs during the hard times of remission. Usually in times of illness your body needs touch in order for you to accept your new state of being. By relieving your bodily discomforts and experience loving touch you will automatically feel more relaxed and  positive.

The purpose of this massage is especially to let people 'come back home' in their body and rebuild a positive relationship with your bodies. Because of the deep relaxing effect and energetic touches this massage is also beneficial for people who are in a burnout because they have to learn to get back in touch with themselves rather than linger in their minds.


Sometimes all you need is to pamper your body with total bliss. Total relaxation massage provides you just with that. The benefits is that it provides the body with a new supply of energy. Laurence uses a special blend of essential oils and various techniques that help you come to a total state of relaxation and bliss. This frees up blockages and allows negative emotions to be released, to make room for positive energy. Through loosening up the muscles, the blood circulation gets into the muscles and gives the skin a boost, giving you an overall feel good vibe. These reactions eliminate the stress and provide an overall feeling of relaxation and pleasure. The body is then stimulated to produce and sense positive energy. 


Weight loss massage is a special figure-correcting, manual massage that helps to reduce cellulite, fat and fluid retention, without any medical intervention. I do this with the help of a special blend of essential oils and techniques, which help in the process of weight loss. This massage is intended as a tool in addition to a diet plan that I recommend. The benefits of this massage are that it helps you to strengthen the skin in areas which are less firm due to weight loss. The combination of oils also helps to nourish the skin and gives your skin the shine it deserves. Weight loss massage also gives you a refreshing feeling, a smoother body, a better self-image that makes you feel fitter and more energetic in life!

This is a gentle and soft massage that combines different methods and techniques that have a deep impact on your back especially your spinal cord. The purpose of this massage is to enhance your health and energy levels.

The spinal cord stands for being the axis of our wellbeing both physically and emotionally. The spine is one of the primary supporting structures for our body and mind and is the basis of major energy meridians, chakras and neurons that define our individual consciousness. The nerve cells within the spine carry all the nerve signals that are required to sustain our different states of being.

This massage session is designed to detox and relax your neck, shoulders and back muscles in order to reinforce your body and release unwanted tensions from your spinal cord leaving you with a feeling rejuvenation and sources of new energy.

This session is especially advised in winter time as it uses various methods of heat, adapted essential oils and draining techniques boosting your immune system.


A sports massage is a solid form of massage that involves working on deeper muscle layers and can bring about both preventive and restorative relaxation. It helps athletes at all levels to increase their well-being, improve their performance, prevent injuries and provide relief after physical exertion. With this massage form, special stretch techniques are also used to keep your body supple and prevent acidification.

Medical taping is also applied if needed as a support.



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