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I was born and raised in Antwerp and have traveled and lived around the globe studying various courses about meditation, therapy and coaching. Since being small I have always had a passion for food and health. A few years ago after undergoing life changing events my her personal life and having major back pains without any declared reason I decided to deepen myself in what does feeling good and being happy really mean.

Since then I have pursued my dream and went back to college to follow a 4 year course. I successfully graduated as a Health Therapist at the European academy for natural healing in Antwerp, Belgium in 2015. Recently I also decided to specialize in Fasia therapy and revalidation for cancer patients.

I offers sessions varying from massage therapy, Fascia therapy, bodywork, coaching, food counselling, detox, weight loss and aromatherapy.

I continiously follows courses and lectures to keep upto date with the latest trends.

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