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Laurence's Philosophy


What does a healthy lifestyle mean for me? To me being healthy is first of all feeling happy and balanced. In order to create and maintain those feelings your body and mind have to be synchronized and well balanced respecting the laws of nature were our bodies and minds function as a psychosomatic unit.

In our current society we mostly live far away from this principle creating a disbalance which in turn generates into all kind of ailments and pains. By undertaking small steps and adapting your lifestyle balance can be restored in order for you to be able to live your life with full potential.

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Laurence Katz

Laurence was born and raised in Antwerp. Laurence has traveled and lived around the globe studying various courses about meditation, therapy and coaching. Since being small Laurence has always had a passion for food and health. A few years ago after undergoing life changing events in her personal life and having major back pains without any declared reason Laurence decided to deepen herself in what does feeling good and happy really mean.

Since then Laurence pursued her dream and went back to college to follow a 4 year course. Laurence successfully graduated as a Health Therapist at the European academy for natural healing in Antwerp, Belgium. Recently Laurence also decided to specialize in fasia therapy and the revalidation for cancer patients, giving them massages and nutritional advise. Laurence offers sessions varying from massage, bodywork, coaching, food counselling, detox, weight loss and aromatherapy.

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