To me being healthy is first of all having the feeling of being happy and balanced. I strongly believe that there is a connection between what you eat and how you feel. Imagine that your body has to deal with breaking down all kind of crap you feed it. Of course this affects you and your moods. I always emphasize on the difference between food that comes from nature and that is natural to food which is produced and processed in factories. The healthier you eat closer to what nature has to provide the better you will feel as you are not overloading your body with toxins. My vision is not about counting calories or portions but rather enjoy a healthy balanced meal. The healthier you eat the smaller your portions will become.

Is food therapy for you ?

Are you feeling physically or mentally unfit? Do you suffer from your digestive problems? Or do you feel you. are not functioning properly?

Do you have discomforts and complaints related to indigestion such as regular occurring headaches and migraines, flatulence, constipation,diarrhea, bloatedness, feeling week and constantly tired, lack of vitality and sleeping problems? Do you have any intolerances, allergies, hay fever, reumatism or skin disorders? 

All of these ailments can be treated by undertaking small steps into adjusting your eating habits and patterns. 

"Heal your body with a special designed menu just for you."

When people ask me what the best diet for them is my answer is always listen to your body and feel what you need. No 2 people are the same therefore every single one of us has different dietary needs.


Depending on your size, weight, body constitution and physical activity, you will have to adapt your eating habits. One thing is certain anything you eat needs to be healthy and chemical free without additives. Whatever you don’t understand on a food label must synthetic and unhealthy for you.

During this session a tailored plan will be made according to your needs. We will together trace the underlying causes of your bodily discomforts and find practical solutions that you can start to integrate into your daily life. Dietary supplement and a detox plan will also be given if necessary.

Weight loss therapy

My diet method is based on the Tri - active slimming program. The goal of this program is not to burn fat stores such as in low-calorie diets, but to detoxify the body and provide all the necessary nutrients in order for your body to be able to function optimally. This way your body will automatically loose the excess fat and attain your optimal weight. This diet method will normalize fat storage or the accumulated fluid secretion. This diet is aimed at the detoxification of your body and excess fat , improving your intestinal function and the remove functional disorders by enhancing the nervous system.

What is the difference with other diets?

This method is not based on a crash diet were you will lose your extra kilos in a fast and furious way, were you starve your body and deprive it from the nutrients it needs. As a result you will then have problems maintaining the lost weight. This program is rather based on a gradually, healthy and stable weight loss so that you can maintain the lost weight.

What does the program consist of?

The tri-active slimming program has three resources that can help you solve the problem of overweight

  1. Diet

  2. Adjusted lifestyle

  3. Therapy


The program targets people wanting to learn about better eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. 

The first phase includes making a person aware of the overweight they have  and allows the person to reflect on his eating behavior and patterns.

The Second phase is al about taking action. The person will follow and learn the various steps on how to loose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

The third phase is about stabilizing the weight you lost and learning to integrate the steps into your daily life.